body weight/size in relation to supplement dosage

I am five feet tall, and of a naturally very small frame (I have 28 pounds to go before I reach 116 pounds) and since I have lost so much weight, (I was 220 pounds when I started 18 mos ago) I noticed that I have a stronger reaction to my supplements when I take them (ie too low blood pressure, more lethargic) and this sounds like an obvious question, but since I am so small and getting smaller, do I need to start reducing the dosages of all my supplements? I don't want to overtax my body if I am giving it too much of a good thing...I can't eat much either, little stomach ;)

I am happy to provide a supplement list, just need to look at it again because I have a bad memory lol


  • At the risk of looking crazy, here is my list of supplements- brace yourselves, i don't know if it will help answer any questions. it's pretty long...

    Acetyl L carnitine 500 mg ( stopped this one for a month because i realized it was triggering my OCD/PTSD)
    coq10 200 mg
    pqq 20 mg
    taurine 2000 mg
    all 20 amino acids- fish collagen (1 svg of about 10 g)+ free form 9 essential amino acids (1 svg of about 5 g)
    vitamin D 15000 IU
    l Methionine 250 mg
    L Lysine 500 mg
    L tyrosine 500 mg
    vitamin A
    Pycnogenol 100 mg
    berberine 500 mg
    hyaluronic acid 100 mg
    choline/inositol 250 mg ea
    usda organic ashwaghanda 300 mg
    biotin 5,000 mcg
    bromelain 500 mg
    l theanine 200 mg
    astaxanthin 12mg
    krill oil 2400 mg
    methylated b vitamins (all over the RDA by at least 200%)
    eye health supplement - Pure synergy eye protector
    zinc orotate with copper 15 mg
    chelated molybdenum 150 mcg
    chelated maganese 8 mg
    vitamin k2 complex 2700 mcg blend taken once a week
    selenium 100 mcg
    L ornithine 500 mg
    glutathione 1000 mg
    ALA reduced 900 mg
    trans-pterostilbene 50 mg
    Bulletproof Polyphenominal 4 capsules/day
    vitamin b6 100 mg
    L carnosine 500 mg
    chromium policolinate 500 mcg

  • I also take all 9 essential amino acids in a free form powder, probiotics 150 billion, digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and i just started taking a marine collagen supplement (again, i stopped a couple months ago). i may stop the latter, though, because collagen supplements give me weird junk food cravings, weight gain, and raise my anxiety for some reason. i'm trying to figure out why, maybe an effect on brain chemistry?

  • "too low blood pressure, more lethargic" could be the supplements, could be under eating, could be a combo.

    I think your supplement list is just plain crazy. I hope you have some sort of strategy or methodology behind it. Too much of a good thing is one way to look at it... Curious as to what your long term goals are and how you plan to achieve them, what does your diet look like?

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    My daily diet usually consists of 1 BP shake in the morning (i am caffeine sensitive and sadly can no longer drink the coffee :neutral: ) with Brain octane oil, glutamine, citrulline, and marine collagen (its less hard on my kidneys than beef collagen) and low carb veggies. I notice my energy levels pick up when i do this, but i still feel weak and get the odd cravings. then at lunch i have a salad. then i have protein before i go to bed, like chicken or turkey. i take the supplements i need to take on an empty stomach when i wake up, (this is where i really notice the lethargy) and the ones i need to take with food i take before i go home from work after my meal. I just recently started HIIT in an attempt to break this plateau.

    I have been experimenting, and i do want to cut down and/or replace any supplements i am taking. at this point i think i am done experimenting, and basically my goals are to lose the last of this stubborn weight, (28 lbs to go) and regain my health and fitness levels that i once had prior to my injuries. i also want to become more high performing, ie more energy and brain power, (i have struggled with PTSD and anxiety, but it's getting better since going BP) and lastly, i do have reason to believe i have been exposed to mold long term and heavy metals due to some medical issues that came up post exposure to certain contaminants while i was in the army.

    what should i do? what can i cut back on? and what can i add to balance this out? i want to improve my habits, i know they need work.

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