Post Surgery Recovery for a child

HI guys! I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice. My 13 year old niece has just had a full spinal fusion plus costoplasty. She has suffered with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia since a young child and has been through intense chemo (one lasting three years) Can anybody recommend supplements to help speed up her recovery (12 month journey) I want to do everything possible to ensure she comes out of this with a strong body and even stronger mind. Thank you all in advance! Sending positive vibes o:)


  • the doctors should be the ones answering this question for you

  • Doctors don't always know or have the time to research ways to biohack the body as they are so busy saving lives. Along with the guidance of our doctors Im thinking of ways such as using Bulletproof collagen for bones and muscle recover etc. However, I've listened to Dave's podcast with JJ Virgin again and had a lovely email from her with some advice.

    Thanks for taking time to reply :)

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