Bone Broth Fasting

I am new to fasting for health reasons. And new to hacking. So, I made my own beef bone broth with my Instant Pot. And I haven't been crazy hungry or gotten headaches, but on a normal day- I already have that hypoglycemic low grade nausea (to the point where I gag when I brush my teeth in the morning). So, today, I am just experiencing that all day. To the point where I don't really even want to drink the broth due to its richness. So, is there something I can do to nix the nausea?

Also, I was surprised at the blandness of the broth. I had onions, carrots, celery, a bay leaf, and cracked black pepper. Should I add salt? Other spices? Because it would be nice if it tasted like something....

Thanks in advance!


  • if you are new to a low carb diet, you will feel better soon.
    As far as the bone broth goes, I add plenty of sea salt and pepper.
    I love my instant pot, but for all the work making broth, it doesnt make enough at once. I have a large pot that I use. Also, it takes time to extract the good stuff out of the bone, so cook it overnight, or for 24 hours. Another key is grass fed bones.

  • SALT !!!

  • Drinking is Cheating
    Go Big. Do a 5day DRY FAST
    It's Biblical

  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    Did you remove the fat from your broth? If not, you might be drinking more fat than your tummy is used to... a common result is nausea. Try removing most of the fat and see if that’s better. I like to leave some fat in mine, but have definitely over done it before...

    For flavor, I usually add salt to taste. You can add other spices too, depends on your preference.

    And if it’s not going well, take a break. It’s not a race.

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