Bpc not on keto

Is there benefit in doing bulletproof coffee if your not following the bulletproof or a ketogenic diet?


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    I would say so. Dave's brand of coffee (his beans) is just better—it just is. Anything where you can get clean organic coffee into your system is going to help.

    If you're just talking about the recipe:
    To me, the butter is to me the more essential part of the fats added. To be honest, I don't really do MCT oil, and I've seen a lot of cases of it being negative over beneficial (sorry Dave). However, the combination tastes really awesome. I liked the richness MCT added, just not the runs it gives you, and especially not the aggravated digestive sensitivities it caused me. I would steer clear if you've had any food sensitivities.

    But yes, the butter seems to help even out the absorption of the caffeine, for a clean high and slow descent where you don't even have issues of drowsiness or restlessness which might be associated with the drug. Definitely no jitteriness from Dave's beans either way (unless you overextract them or eat them whole, in my experience).

    I say go for it! Try replacing breakfast with it once in awhile and see how it affects your mood/weight (if you're trying to lose weight).

  • I'm seeing a lot of things about people putting butter in their coffee completely independent from any association with bulletproof. This is just butter, not specifically grass fed, and does not say anything about coconut/mct oil, just butter. All this claiming to kick start fat burning, and to have high nutritional value...but, as much as I love bulletproof coffee, it's not as magic as it's claimed to be. It's irresponsible for people to claim it to be a meal replacement without any context imo.

    It's a valid meal replacement only if you make up for the low nutritional profile of the coffee in your later meals. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and that's really the only significant thing bpc has going for it, but any coffee has those same benefits. Sure, grass-fed butter has more nutrients than grain-fed, but it's not like you're getting a significant amount of nutrients from a few tablespoons of butter regardless.

    Basically, it works out just fine for bulletproof because of the emphasis on lots of veggies in meals. But the Standard American Diet isn't really nutritionally rich in the first place, so combining that with one less meal might have some benefits for calorie restriction, but it makes it even less likely to get all the needed vitamins and minerals.

  • Im loving drinking the bulletproof coffee. In the morning (since my day starts at 4am), ive starting adding a half to full scoop of Slim Fast advanced nutrition to it. Blends well, adds some flavor plus gives me all those vitamins. Plus its low in carbs/calories and good dose of fiber.

    In the afternoon ill have a cup of bpc with just the brain octane and butter.

    In between even though im not really hungry ill eat something small to boost my protein. Like eggs/bacon or tuna on a low carb wrap (skip the sandwich is my favorite) with a little lettuce, pickle or peppers.

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