So About Bulletproof Lighting

I'm hoping someone can provide some clarification for me on which types of lighting are "bulletproof".

Are there benefits to using incandescent over CLF/LED bulbs, if the latter forms are of the "soft white" or warmer variety? If the blue light spectrum is eliminated with warm bulbs, I don't see other benefits, particularly for optimizing melatonin production at night.

Another thing. Many people have noted benefits to using full spectrum bright lights in the daytime, to lower depression. It is recommended that non-CFL be used. Why is the CFL a concern? Isn't the "full spectrum" where the benefits are, regardless of the type of bulb technology?

Lastly, why full spectrum over "cool white" bulbs? It seems like the blue spectrum lighting is what someone wants in the daytime, to lower depression. If that's true, I don't see a benefit of having the entire spectrum in the mix.


  • Well, I have read those sections in the headstrong book of course. From what I can tell the safe lighting choices would come from incandescent light bulbs. Certainly not LED lights because they emit too much blue light. Fluorescent is o.k.
    I am very light sensitive and was so excited when I read the headstrong book that finally explained this. Because the wrong lighting really did hurt my eyes and now that I am wearing glasses with blue light filters and having installed blue light filters on my computers there is a noticeable difference.
    So from what I understand from the book is that we should stay away from LED lights for sure. Wearing the light filtering glasses will make your body adapt in places even if LED lights are used. We can certainly not change which kind of lighting is used in workplaces or stores so I find that light filtering glasses are the way to go.

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