Plateaued Weight Loss

I am sitting around 140 but I am 5'2". I would LOVE to be 120-125. Currently, I have not had the time to exercise as I am grad school for occupational therapy and have two toddlers. So, I am strict with my diet. On a regular day, I have oats cooked with an apple or apple & pumpkin with spices and a packet of stevia. Lunch is walnuts or cashews with a couple whole carrots chopped up with tomatoes and sometimes dried cranberries. Dinner is usually whatever I am making the family, but I have a small portion and keep it as healthy (low carb/gluten/sugar with veggies & fruits) as possible. I try to not eat more than one serving of meat a day and don't mind not having any during the day. I source everything responsibly (non-GMO/organic/hormone free/etc) and I started IF this week (24 hours fasting, 1 meal, 24 hours fasting).

Can I break at least 135 by Christmas? Like- that would be a great present. I don't mind fasting at all! I just drink water and herbal tea all day and am fine. Will that help me burn the visceral fat hanging out around my c-section scar (because that is really frustrating me too).

Oh- and i take Thrive for my supplements (capsules, trans-dermal patch, lifestyle drink mix) and low progesterone for birth control. All ingredients are clean and sourced responsibly and have already been a game changer in terms of energy.

Thanks in advance!

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