X3 Bar

Has anyone used the X3 bar with bands set? I just recently got mine and was really having second thoughts on spending that much money for a patented bar and resistance bands. After using it, I must say that I am very impressed. I have never felt muscular contraction in this way before, and the time of my workouts has been cut in half just because my muscles are actually completely exhausted so much faster. Just curious to hear what anyone else has thinks about it or how they like it so far. Thanks!


  • I had the same doubts after I got mine...it did seem like a lot of money for what you got...
    But gotta say: I'm on week 7. Following the plan religiously. The workout is fantastic. The fact that it only takes minutes is awesome. And my muscles are back. So for me, definitely a 'good one the buy', as I'm not one to get into long workouts or visits to the gym.

  • Nice, I have only used it a couple of times but I am very impresses and happy with how it is working. You don't get much for the 400 bucks, but if you're dedicated to it you save money by not using gym memberships or saving money by not buying expensive weight equipment. And the time saved is awesome. So it is going to pay off in many ways.

  • was thinking about getting one or asking for it for Christmas. i know you only had it a short amount of time but was wondering what you latest update was on it

  • @livelong it is still very effective, and portable enough for traveling. I am still feeling very good with it and the short workouts. It feels like i am actually giving my maximum effort at times, unlike when I used to workout with weights. All positives

  • any results? or anything?

    have been only using it?

    also, would you buy it all over again or go back to the old gym


  • It's way easier than driving to the gym and buying a membership and its effective. I feel like its going good, I feel stronger and people tell me I look more muscular. Still way happier with the X3 bar compared to a gym. Just purchase it and don't forget code bulletproof!

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