A new guy - CFS and dizziness

Hi guys,

I want to share my story and learn from you on how to regain my health, since it has been a total mess in the past years.

Male, 28, live in Portugal.

Up until 2012, I was the healthiest dude. Then, in 2013 I started to develop CFS. For 3 years the only symptom that really bothered me was tiredness.

2017 was by far the worst year of my life.

  • Constant dizziness and motion sickness even without movement (no nausea tho) since January - this is definitely the worst symptom ever.
  • Neck pain (can't move my head that much...)
  • Total exhaustion periods throughout the year (I'd say I've been "functional" 60% of the time).
  • Lately, I've been waking up feeling like total shit. No energy. Exhaustion. Feeling sick. Weakness. Overwhelmed. Fear. Dizziness. Motion sickness.

My lifestyle:

  • Wake up at 8am, go to bed at 11pm.
  • Always eat super clean.
  • Try to go for a jog for 15 minutes whenever possible.
  • Go barefoot on the ground whenever I go for a run.
  • Lots of supplements.
  • Try to minimize stress but I manage my company from home (which stresses me a lot because I gotta do work but I need the money). I feel under stress all the time. Had anxiety for 3 months this year but removing coffee, chocolate and walking barefoot on the ground helped me get rid of it.
  • I eat right.
  • Try to meditate 5 minutes a day. (I wonder if I bumped it to 30m every day religiously it would be WAY better)


  • BF: Salad. 3 eggs (under-cooked and cooked at very low temperature) and avocado.
  • L: Big salad (possibly after a low GI fruit like apple/pear) + Beef/chicken/turkey/any fish (low heat again) + potatoes / sweet potatoes/rice/quinoa.
  • S: Berries and avocado. Chia seeds "when I feel like it".
  • D: Same as lunch, preferably with a different meet / fish.

as much organic as I can.


  • Ionic minerals (main component magnesium) on empty stomach and before going to bed (total 500mg/day), taken with a vegetable juice or water.
  • Magnesium bisglycinate 400mg/day
  • Zinc picolinate (30mg/day)
  • Vitamin C (1g / day)
  • Vitamin D3 (16,000 IU/day)
  • Multi-mineral formula 2x day
  • Bone formula 2x day
  • Liquid methyl B12 ( 1,000 mcg/day)
  • Krill oil (EPA 250 mg + DHA 580mg/day)


  • acupuncture
  • naturopath

Guys please let me know if there is anything I could do better. I am desperate. 5 years of suffering. 2017 was hell on earth. I appreciate your help.

Thank you so much

PS: I was told to avoid the bulletproof diet until I feel a bit better.

May the good God bless us all.


  • Sounds like this is not a food sensitivity or nutrient deficiency. Maybe some head or neck trauma?
    I would start by finding a chiropractor or a naturopath who does cranial facial release ( also known as nasal specific and possibly other names) https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Cranial+Facial+Release&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

    I’ve been battling vertigo and similar symptoms as you for many years. Was diagnosed with ccsvi and did surgery for that which did not help. I’ve done this nasal balloon therapy about 10 times over the last year and I’m maybe 90% better which is unbelievable! It took quite a few treatments before it started opening up the space behind my ears which is where the vascular pressure was pushing on the eustation tubes causing the vertigo. It’s relatively cheap, so it’s worth a try for your condition. The treatment doesn’t hurt, but is a very awkward and uncomfortable, but only lasts for a couple seconds. You’ll probably have a sense after the first treatment if this is going to help your issues.

    This is apparently a very old treatment from at least the 1950’s. Mostly thought of as a quack treatment, but as of 2017 ENT’s are all over it and will probably rebrand it as their own invention and charge 10 times the price.



  • jmr, thanks for your advice. I will make this my diary.

    • In terms of symptoms:

    • Total exhaustion (I can't leave the house for the most part), but sometimes I have some good days in a row, before I crash again. I only leave the house to buy groceries, go for a walk (need to move my Qi) and go to acupuncture sessions.

    • Dizziness and motion sickness (feeling unwell) most of the time. Sometimes I am "OK" for a few days - the dizziness is there, but doesn't create too much of a problem.
    • Strong neck pain that won't leave me. Sometimes it irradiates to the skull. Its not a very very strong pain, and probably the last of my problems, but I think this may be contributing to the dizziness.
    • Upper back pain and tension (seems someone is pulling my muscles).
    • Some brain fog / mental exhaustion lately. Nothing terrible though.
    • Chinese medicine doctor says I have humidity, mucus and cold.

    Oh and I have troubles to rest. I am a type A guy, so I still work from home to companies. One I need the money (I live alone), two I feel that I can't stop to rest. Its just my personality. I do what I can, whenever I feel good. Yet 90% of the day is behind the computer... :-( This is something I need to change ASAP.

    I am totally affected by whether. I feel better (including having more energy when its sunny).

    What I am doing:


    I am always tweaking, so it will start now as:

    BF: Salad. Beef liver (cooked at very low temperature) and avocado or butter.
    L: Big salad (possibly after a low GI fruit like apple/pear) + Beef/chicken/turkey/any fish (low heat again). No carbs yet, optimizing for digestion.
    S: Apple and Berries. I gave up on nuts and seeds for now. I believe they put an extra stress on my body.
    D: Big salad + Beef/chicken/turkey/any fish (low heat again) + sweet potatoes/rice.


    Ionic magnesium whenever I remember it, throughout the day, with water.
    Magnesium bisglycinate 100-400mg/day (before bed seems to work best)
    Zinc, Vitamin C, Bs, B5, Vitamin D3, Krill oil and fish oil (molecular distilled - not sure this is great, but better than regular one for sure)

    I use flax-seed to increase my bowel activity.

    I just finished a gut protocol. It included this clean diet + probiotics + L-glutamine.

    I used adrenal formulas, nothing game me a decent boost. The only thing that worked for quite a while was Ginseng. Doesn't work nomore. Currently rotating it for 60 days. Will re-start in April.

    Next, I will try to recover my mitochondria. I will use Ubiquinol, PQQ, etc. Anyone knows about a decent protocol to recover these guys?

    Also, a few things that I learned over the last months:

    • I detoxed too aggressively, harmed my mitochondria too much (I think)
    • Going to bed at 10pm doesn't really make a difference, but I will do this for the rest of my life regardless.
    • There is virtually no consistency on my Sleep Cycle App. There are nights I never get to deep sleep. Yet, I seem to sleep like a baby. Before I know it I am sleeping, and I go for 8-12 hours on a row easily.
    • I believe my body is super exhausted because it is detoxing?
    • I suspect of:
      -- Nuts (cashews), will remove them from the diet;
      -- Too much olive oil, worsens my dizziness;
      -- Too much carrot, gives me gas and bloating (I need to confirm this);
      -- Salmon, gives me stomach aches (nothing big, but it does);
      -- Eggs seem to constipate me (will try to go 30 days egg-free in March and see what happens);
      -- Masturbation seems to worsen my exhaustion
      -- Stretching my neck helps with dizziness (a lot); Will do this everyday;
      -- Never really got too much of a positive effect from mediation. I am still anxious at the core. Will bump it to 30 minutes starting today.
      -- Raw cabbage my be causing bloating and gas (re-check)
      -- Infrared lights seem to help with my back tension.
      -- Maybe I am taking too much (real) salt. Will lower it and see how the spleen reacts.
      -- Exercise (walking) helps with energy, something like 10%.
      -- Water helps.

    Sadly I don't have bowel movements daily or at the same time. My guts still not working well.

    I am going to fix myself. If you're like this, you're not alone, never give up.

  • Morning y'all.

    I was just reviewing the entire process since I got sick in late 2012. Remember that before I was the healthiest guy around, doing heavy lifting and such.

    In August-September 2012 I started to take massive doses of antibiotics:

    • 5 weeks of Levofloxacin
    • 6 days of Azithromycin
    • 1 injectable shot of Ceftriaxone
    • 3 weeks of Doxycycline

    I know, this could have killed anybody. I am lucky I was so healthy when I started to take these poisons (I had almost never taken any drug in my life, I had a very clean diet and I exercised everyday), my body didn't crashed immediately. But at least 50% of what I am going through today is due to this, I am sure.

    The years that followed were very stressful. My work was extremely stressful. Yet, 2013, 2014 and 2015 were manageable (just terrible fatigue, but working full time and travelling the world).

    In 2016 I got worse, and my fatigue because worse, some brain fog/mental exhaustion, etc. Yet, manageable. At the end of the year I left my job and I was able to recover for 3 months.

    In 2017, things started to go very south, all of a sudden (this was actually my best period since late 2012). It started with dizziness (this is the worst thing ever), then permanent motion sickness, and then fatigue.

    At this point, I started to detox aggressively, which eventually resulted in severe exhaustion. This is still the group of symptoms that I deal with today.

    Looking back, I probably started to pull out the toxins from the antibiotics, which caused even more problems and damage. I believe my mitochondria is totally off, I have other cell damage I need to fix, probably still lots of toxicity, etc. I am suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity, no doubt about that.

    Any comments are welcome. In the meantime, I will continue to do my best, I will beat this eventually, I am sure. I am just a bit lost with how this went down. Why did I started to feel worse in early 2017? Why did dizziness showed up all of a sudden? When did then motion sickness come? And why can't I seem to get better from my exhaustion today, doing everything absolutely right? All of this puzzles me, but I will find a way...

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    Hi guys,

    I've been trying to correct my circadian rhythm, but the more I do, the less it seems I have done. Here is what I've been doing:

    • Going to bed at 10pm (only for about 25 days now, but I will stick to this schedule more often).
    • Use lavender before sleep time. Usually pour it on my head (2 drops);
    • Use blue-ray block glasses from about 7pm onwards;
    • Use Flux on my computer.
    • Get the room as dark as I can.
    • Use Sleep Cycle to track my sleep and wake me up at the top of a cycle.

    Still, nothing helps. This is probably why I am TOTALLY EXHAUSTED all day long, can't even go for a walk sometimes.

    But this is coherent with lack of deep sleep from what Sleep Cycle shows:

    Actually woke up refreshed today (at the top of a cycle):

    BEST SO FAR from the apps perspective (not sure how I woke up):

    Next, to test:

    • 5 days with leds on the room vs 5 days without - check the difference on Sleep Cycle.
    • (10 days) Another pillow.
    • (10 days) Turn off computer after 8pm (when I usually have dinner).
    • (10 days) Meditate from 9pm30 till 10pm;

    Anything else I could be adding, please let me know!

    I get to bed and I SLEEP IMMEDIATELY, and almost NEVER WAKE UP through the night. This has been like so (except for very rare exceptions) for the last 5 years. So it is not that I take too much time to fall asleep. Its like I can sleep for 9 hours in a row and NOT wake up refreshed.

    Any comments are totally welcome!

  • Hi, interesting that your problems began after taking heavy amounts of antibiotics. I suspect your gut biome is severely out of whack. You may have an overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria. I’ve read over the last few years of a technique to address such a problem called fecal transplant, where stool is taken from a healthy donor (typically the patient’s healthy spouse or partner), screened for any bad stuff, blended into a slurry, and then transplanted into the patient’s colon (I’m guessing sort of like doing a wheatgrass juice implant, if you’re familiar with that therapy). The donor biome then repopulates the patient’s gut, helping to crowd out the bad guys. In cases I’ve read about, improvement is practically immediate. Your physician may be able to do some tests to determine whether this therapy is indicated. You might also get checked for Epstein Barr virus, as it’s a typical cause of CFS.

  • vspvsp

    Have read research on the "mycin" family of abx impacting the ear and causing vertigo. Sometimes it doesn't show up right away. Not sure if it was determined to be causal but there was a strong association.

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    My girlfriend have CFS and I had stress related health problems for 5 years. Something I did this year that I wished I did earlier was to take a lot of private tests.
    I had sibo, parasites, leaky gut, too few good bacteria in the stomach and problems with digestion of fat.
    I would recommend doing something like that and work with the results with somebody that is good at it.

    A lot of antibiotics makes it likely that you also have leaky gut and too few good bacteria in the stomach.

    I would look to improve in all these areas
    Experiment and try to see what helps with sleep. We are waiting for oura rings to measure it.

    Im eating no grains, low sugar and no fodmaps where my girlfriend has been eating AIP and then trying out different things like low histamine.

    Meditation is great. I noticed a big improvement when I during a period went from 20 to 40 min per day. Yoga, time in nature, muscle relaxation exercises and sauna are also great.

    Reduce chemicals
    Having a filter for the drinking water, shower, air cleaner, changing to healthier products for cleaning and personal care is good.

    For the best nutrition and supplements you need to know more about what is wrong with your body.
    So doing tests, working with them and slowly improve different things in these areas should help.

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