A new guy - CFS and dizziness

Hi guys,

I want to share my story and learn from you on how to regain my health, since it has been a total mess in the past years.

Male, 28, live in Portugal.

Up until 2012, I was the healthiest dude. Then, in 2013 I started to develop CFS. For 3 years the only symptom that really bothered me was tiredness.

2017 was by far the worst year of my life.

  • Constant dizziness and motion sickness even without movement (no nausea tho) since January - this is definitely the worst symptom ever.
  • Neck pain (can't move my head that much...)
  • Total exhaustion periods throughout the year (I'd say I've been "functional" 60% of the time).
  • Lately, I've been waking up feeling like total shit. No energy. Exhaustion. Feeling sick. Weakness. Overwhelmed. Fear. Dizziness. Motion sickness.

My lifestyle:

  • Wake up at 8am, go to bed at 11pm.
  • Always eat super clean.
  • Try to go for a jog for 15 minutes whenever possible.
  • Go barefoot on the ground whenever I go for a run.
  • Lots of supplements.
  • Try to minimize stress but I manage my company from home (which stresses me a lot because I gotta do work but I need the money). I feel under stress all the time. Had anxiety for 3 months this year but removing coffee, chocolate and walking barefoot on the ground helped me get rid of it.
  • I eat right.
  • Try to meditate 5 minutes a day. (I wonder if I bumped it to 30m every day religiously it would be WAY better)


  • BF: Salad. 3 eggs (under-cooked and cooked at very low temperature) and avocado.
  • L: Big salad (possibly after a low GI fruit like apple/pear) + Beef/chicken/turkey/any fish (low heat again) + potatoes / sweet potatoes/rice/quinoa.
  • S: Berries and avocado. Chia seeds "when I feel like it".
  • D: Same as lunch, preferably with a different meet / fish.

as much organic as I can.


  • Ionic minerals (main component magnesium) on empty stomach and before going to bed (total 500mg/day), taken with a vegetable juice or water.
  • Magnesium bisglycinate 400mg/day
  • Zinc picolinate (30mg/day)
  • Vitamin C (1g / day)
  • Vitamin D3 (16,000 IU/day)
  • Multi-mineral formula 2x day
  • Bone formula 2x day
  • Liquid methyl B12 ( 1,000 mcg/day)
  • Krill oil (EPA 250 mg + DHA 580mg/day)


  • acupuncture
  • naturopath

Guys please let me know if there is anything I could do better. I am desperate. 5 years of suffering. 2017 was hell on earth. I appreciate your help.

Thank you so much

PS: I was told to avoid the bulletproof diet until I feel a bit better.

May the good God bless us all.


  • Sounds like this is not a food sensitivity or nutrient deficiency. Maybe some head or neck trauma?
    I would start by finding a chiropractor or a naturopath who does cranial facial release ( also known as nasal specific and possibly other names) https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Cranial+Facial+Release&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

    I’ve been battling vertigo and similar symptoms as you for many years. Was diagnosed with ccsvi and did surgery for that which did not help. I’ve done this nasal balloon therapy about 10 times over the last year and I’m maybe 90% better which is unbelievable! It took quite a few treatments before it started opening up the space behind my ears which is where the vascular pressure was pushing on the eustation tubes causing the vertigo. It’s relatively cheap, so it’s worth a try for your condition. The treatment doesn’t hurt, but is a very awkward and uncomfortable, but only lasts for a couple seconds. You’ll probably have a sense after the first treatment if this is going to help your issues.

    This is apparently a very old treatment from at least the 1950’s. Mostly thought of as a quack treatment, but as of 2017 ENT’s are all over it and will probably rebrand it as their own invention and charge 10 times the price.



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