Morning fish oil?

If I had to pick a time when I'm most "inflamed" or just not 100% in the groove, it's early in the morning.

I'm curious if adding a couple grams of fish oil to my morning regimen might help to support the adrenals and lower inflammation from a previous day's workout, or if this is likely to be burned for fuel and not stored in a meaningful way as compared with eating it at the end of a full day's calories. Anecdotally, I seem to enter into deeper ketosis when I have my fish oil in the morning.

What are your thoughts on morning fish oil (in the middle of a 16-22hr fast) vs having it with a meal -- is it a waste or beneficial?



  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    Sounds like you might be chasing the wrong dragon, the most beneficial adrenal support you can get is carbohydrates, second would be increasing total food intake (ie not a deficit). Inflammation from exercise is not really something you want to get rid of as fast as possible, it is increased circulation and blood flow to the damaged area, it is actually a perfect opportunity for food and nutrition intake. Not feeling well regularly could be a sign that your nutrition may not be adequate, not that you need a couple grams of fish oil which is pretty insignificant as an intervention. Likely your timing would be irrelevant as it sounds like you are in a deficit so adding 2g of fat is basically nothing and will be oxidized regardless of when you have it.

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