Hacking Meal Prep

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I am planning to start law school soon & want to keep my diet as bulletproof as possible while there... Has anyone done a meal prep service like Pete's Paleo? I mean, it doesn't take a ton of time to prep grass-fed beef and frozen veggies, so I don't think that kind of thing is really worth it. What about bulk Suishi? Does anyone know of a service for that? Maybe I should just look into making my own Suishi (especially considering some places ADD sugar to their rice...) Hey, at least this would be a good chance to ADD Xylitol! Does anyone know about where to get Suishi grade fish? I just find dealing with Avacados a pain & most of the ones available here (Tennessee) are bad... it seems like (ironically) the best avacados are what comes with suishi around here.

Maybe I could freeze a semesters worth of Sushi.

Any ideas?

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