My friend tried Keto and now he has prehypertension.

So, my friend, male, 37, healthy weight was a long time vegetarian. He became that way to combat high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He'd been reading about keto and decided to give it a whirl since he had be lapsing off of vegetarianism from time to time. He did it for 3 weeks and got some blood work done. Both his cholesterol and blood pressure skyrocketed. The cholesterol, from what I've been reading, isn't actually something to worry about. But he got smacked with a pre hypertension diagnosis, and blood pressure is something to worry about for sure. Everything on the internet indicates his blood pressure should have plummeted by giving up all the inflammation causing foods he did. What gives? Any ideas? My google quest has failed me. So far all I've got is a possible selenium deficiency from reduced veg intake if he were eating less in order to reduce carb intake. Or he's been on keto for too long and needs a refeed. I'm not a BP person, but I do know keto requires a refeed to do it safely, especially at a normal weight. Thanks guys.


  • Man thats scary. I did read today in Mercola's Fat for Fuel book that cholesterol is bound to go up when first getting into keto, but that it should normalise. BP, not too sure about tha though. Stupid question, is your friend using regular table salt? I believe good quality Himalayan or sea salt can assist with lower BP. Potassium? That needs to be quite a bit higher than sodium... Ref - Fat for Fuel.
    Wish I could help more!

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