Help with my physiological insulin resistance...

Apologies if I already posted this. I'm not sure if deleted my last post or if I modified it and it wont show up till approval(which is stupid imo...if you don't need approval to post a topic, why do you need approval to edit the post?)

I'm definitely getting physiological insulin resistance. I was diagnosed with T2D a year and a half ago and eventually discovered low carb. I brought my A1C down from 13.something to 5.4. Then I got comfortable. I stopped checking my blood sugar because it has always been consistent, even my FBG has been consistently in the non-diabetic range after I discovered I need a snack before bed to prevent the dawn phenomenon.

A few weeks ago I got another blood test and my A1C is now 6. I thought maybe it was because I started having my pre-bed snack around 8 instead of 9-10:30, but it seems like my blood sugar stays steadily in the range of 120-130. I mostly focus on my FBG, but I've seen enough post pranial readings to be pretty certain of my overall blood sugar. I've even recently considered sweet potatoes. Normally I don't eat anything like that, I normally exclusively stick to strict low carb foods. When I had a 8oz boiled mashed sweet potato with skin with an 8oz steak, my 1 hour post pranial was 138 which is barely a different from my normal low carb meals.(about 10 carbs) Since then, any other time I have sweet potato, I'd only have 4 ounces, peeled, and raw...for the lowest glycemic impact. My fasting blood sugars seem to mostly be a tad lower with sweet potato, but only like 105 or so. Alcohol helps. If I drink only 3 pints of cold brew coffee +1 shot of potato vodka per pint, thats enough to get my fbg to 85-105, but I don't want to rely on that.

On thanksgiving, I ate so much that I was bloated the whole next day. No sweet potato either, it was all low glycemic food. Day after Thanksgiving, my FBG was 142 and still there when I checked my 1 hour post pranial dinner of less than 10 carbs.

unsweetened baking chocolate tends to be pretty good to snack on before bed for a slightly better FBG also.

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