B12/Methylfolate Wihtout MTHFR?

Hey Everyone,

I'm having trouble reconciling research and literature on this. -Are any healthy bulletproofers out there supplementing with B12 and Methylfolate without a MTHFR mutation? Is this safe or advised? I just recently bought the bulletproof stack and I'm a bit unsure as to whether I ought to be taking it, but have some vague interest in doing so.

The reason I purchased is to have a family stack on hand for aging parents, but have thought about taking some for myself. - I've cut down to eating red meat only a handful of times a week in favor of fish and pork and lamb, and at 29 I've developed more gray hair than I'm comfortable with. Nothing alarming, but it's starting! - I've read quite a bit on early grays and B12 deficiency, and it got me thinking. Obviously the best case scenario is/will be to get my labs done, but I'm curious if there's any harm in supplementing B12/Methylfolate without the classical MTHFR gene mutation? By classical I mean that, I am heterozygous in other MTHFR genes, but not in THE gene that causes the host of methylation issues and such.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks so much!

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