Muse Headband vs. Inner Balance

I'm torn between purchasing the Muse Headband or Inner Balance from HeartMath. Or both? I would truly appreciate any suggestions on which way to go. I am just beginning my meditation journey.


  • IanIan
    edited December 2018

    I think the products are a bit complementary but I´m not sure. My new Muse Headband 2 will arrive in some days (i had the old model) but i´m really curious about the Inner Balance product. On the producer website of the muse headband it is said explicitly that it is not a HRV device but it does have a heart meditation program ( so i don´t know if they are really complementary) ....

    @milesja12: The handband will definetly help you start your meditation journey. If you are more advanced on this topic we will learn how to trick it, but i will still buy it. You can use it later for experimenting with your brain waves ....:)

  • I have been meditating using Muse since September 2018 and since then I clocked 723 minutes of meditation of which I enjoyed 1006 instances of what the device called "Birds" or moments of calm. The problem is, these birds or anything this device reports cannot be used to compare day with day or to cross-analyse with other activities say self-perceived stress, training, nutrition, exposure to pollutants etc.

    I am stating this because of the mechanism this device employs to give you results. It basically calibrates for a 1 minute before every session by allowing you to think freely before you actively engage in trying to meditate. Problem is, this calibration is the starting point on which any result the device gives is based upon. If during calibration, I have stressful thoughts, then achieving "birds" is as easy as pie, if during calibration my thoughts are relaxed, then I'll require Buddha-like meditation skills to hit a single bird.

    In view of this problem which makes this quantification pretty useless, I was wondering if anyone here has thought about this and has come up with a way to ensure calibration is a constant as possible. I was thinking for example of reading the same 1 minute text during every calibration to ensure a constant starting point but maybe there are better ideas.


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