Feel extremely tired after I eat. Tired of being tired!

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I am 30 year old female. 5' 2" and weight about 130 most of the time. I have been drinking BP coffee for about 6 or so years now. BP eating about 5 years. So basically I am not new to this lifestyle.
BUT I am not diehard. So I will have a piece of pizza on the weekend or maybe a few french fries with a bunless hamburger. I cannot have sugar though. I am so sensitive to it that it makes me feel like I have had a sleeping pill so if I do go "off" the diet it isn't usually for that reason.

My Problem:
I get extremely tired after SOME meals. I cannot connect the dots what is causing the tiredness.
So for example, last week I did eat "regular" thanksgiving with the dressing, gravy, etc... and no tiredness. None. But today I had Chipotle at 4:30 and I was on the couch for the next 3 hours with extreme tiredness. I do not have time for this because I have a 3 and 4 year old! It doesn't just happen on non-bulletproof meals. It can happen with I have some protein, veggies, and starch (like sweet potatoes) but rice (does not make me tired at all! seriously?!?) Also, I love butter. I put it on everything and every meal so maybe I am doing too much??

So basically what I have done to combat this for the time being is only eat ONE MEAL a day. So I have 2 BP coffees with butter, brain octane, and vanilla in the morning until lunch and wait until 5:30 to eat my first meal with my family. This way if I am tired I still have gotten everything I needed done for the day and my husband is home to help. I do not get this every night but it seems like it is happening more frequently.
I am rather healthy with no other problems. I just feel so silly with this problem because I brag on Dave Asprey and this diet but I cannot seem to get control of this problem or figure out why I am so sensitive. My husband eats hamburger and fries all the time and seems just fine.



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    so have you read the bulletproof book? or headstrong?
    tiredness is literally your body reacting to the food you have ingested as it drains the energy from whole or part of system.
    you could be highly sensitive to nightshades. e.g dave

    if i were you. i would go back to eating way more carb like the husband (make it clean carbs). ladies should be eating more carb and not drinking zero nutrition pure fat nearly that long by the way, dave touches on this here

    also, salt.

  • I have the bulletproof book but have not read it from beginning to end but different sections at different times. I use his recipes especially the bulletproof chocolate pudding and ice cream.
    I feel like I do eat enough carbs (maybe sometimes too much?). I will try eat more green veggie carbs only. I used to eat protein, green veggies, and butter only for lunch but stopped because I was hungry in an hour or 2. I feel better when I drink another coffee and nothing else for lunch. What I mean by that is not as hungry compared to actually eating a lunch.

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    Have you done any food test for allergy or intolerance? I have the same symptoms everytime i eat sth i am allergic or intolerant. Sometimes because my blood pressure goes really low. Other times just because that specifically food completely drains my energy. Note this also can happen when you are not allergic but only have an intolerance to some food. In this case it's nice to check how much you eat It and also how often. And just to mention i also feel better eating less.

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