Feeling negative (anger, sad, depressed) while exercising (endurance)

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can share what is happening with my body and help me understand it better.

Male, under 30, I do endurance training 2-3 times a week. Either running or cycling. The last couple of months have been super difficult to reach the "zone". Usually it takes around 40-60min of running or 60-90min of cycling to start even feeling normal. And the worst part is that after like 20-30 min of running or 45-60 min of cycling I start to feeling really bad. Like real anger, which is followed by sadness and depressive thoughts. 1/5 of my trainings I reach the "zone", get the endorphins flowing and actually enjoy my training. This just makes me wanna quit cardio and just stick to weight training.

Daily routine - slightly sleep deprived due to newborn in house, thus train rarely (used to 3-5 times a week for cardio). IF 14-18h every day. Maybe not getting enough of carbs. Workouts are usually in the evening or midday, but not in a fasted state.

Hopefully someone has experience with this and can guide me to what is happening neurochemically and hope to avoid to this "state" of mine.



  • could be releasing stored neuro toxins during exercise?
    maybe try a cheleating agent. charcoal. chroella?
    give it a try.

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