Am I getting younger?

Hello everyone, I am a high functioning autistic male but totally passive, which is rare if not unique. I have always looked young for my age but have had standard illnesses like everyone else. Fourteen years ago I met my partner. She was also autistic, but regressive with all the usual associated mental illnesses, anger, delusion, anxiety, depression etc. For 13 years I hung onto life by my fingertips, her violence and hatred for me was of astronomic proportions. Slowly but surely I started to unravel the workings of autism and the reason for its existence. To do this I had to become a virtual conveyor belt of forgiveness. Our horrendous relationship came to an end in April of this year. We now have peace and are enjoying a most wondrous honeymoon. The police and social services do not know how I survived, and cannot understand how I have no mental issues or other stress related illnesses. Here is the answer...I had to be absolutely pure of heart to save my partner from an institution and herself. When we met I was going bald, and what little hair I had was grey. I now have a nearly full head of blonde hair. In addition my muscle tone is greater than before I met her. From three pairs of glasses, I am now down to one. I also have perfect hearing, something that I'd never had. I have had a test and my biological age was calculated as 48...I'm 71. I work out and run, and can honestly say that if there were an Olympics for the over 70's, I'd bring home a hoard of gold medals. All through our relationship, I never got ill. My health is perfect and I'm without any of the age related problems that plague my peers. I am an enigma, a crazily happy super social soul. I front a Rock band and kick box amongst other things. My partner is 37 years younger than myself, yet nobody sees a massive age gap, either physically or mentally. A few days ago I found out about telomeres. I truly believe I know how to stop them decaying. There is more to this story, but I will save that for another time.


  • so did excersise stop you from aging? i would like to be as young as you when i am 71!

  • It is often said that Aspergers look young. Would think it is just one the outside ("Babyface" look or some kind of "neurological botox".
    Perhaps if you have this together with a good bodycomposition....

    I think perhaps you have low stress tolerance, this can explain hair loss and recovery.

    What do you mean by "Hello everyone, I am a high functioning autistic male but totally passive, which is rare if not unique".

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