First post here! Hi!
I began Bulletproof about two weeks ago and I'm recognizing great benefits. The only downfall is that I feel chronically dehydrated. Very little urine output and I'm very dry from the inside out. I feel parched no mattter how much I drink. I was a high fruit eater during the summer and felt so hydrated, all the time and needed very little water. My average day is bulletproof coffee (oil, ghee and collagen) for breakfast, again for lunch, then I start eating. Steamed veggies, a little meat, fats and oils and then a carb in the evening such as sweet potato or sometimes white sushi rice. Thoughts on the dehydration? It has me concerned. thank you! Deb


  • how much water do you drink

  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    Make sure you're getting enough salt.

    Coffee can be mildly dehydrating, you can try decaf for a few days see if that helps.

    Are you sweating a lot? If you drink a lot of water but aren't urinating, the water has to go somewhere.

    If you drink a lot but do urinate and still feel parched, it's probably because your kidneys are trying to process something.

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