Sleep is extremely important with kids

Sleep is extremely important with kids
Experts emphasize, nutrition, exercise and sleep are three things are very important to the growth of the child, in which sleep is often not respected. Sleep actually works of paramount importance for the growth of the child, sleep occupy 1/3 the time of life, for the kids in on the mature needs of sleep again.

That's because: sleep and the excretion of growth hormone are related to each other. Medical research for that: when we sleep, the body secretes growth hormone more than 4 times compared with when awake. Growth hormone secretes too little, will make the body low. If the body secretes growth hormone upon the correct rule was when we went to sleep, the new after we slept 1 hour steps into a new height, the album is from 22 hours to 1 hour's time hormone most secretions. So, children should go to bed before 12 hours, preferably before 20 minutes, so will not miss period growth hormone secretion. Children often lack of sleep will affect the growth of the baby.

So, get enough sleep your baby will soon grow.


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    Between 50 and 75 percent of your daily allowance of growth hormone is produced during sleep. GH secretion occurs in pulsatile bursts on average every three to five hours. The largest such release occurs about an hour after falling asleep during slow-wave REM sleep.
    When you get more sleep to increase HGH levels, your body will start to feel the effects with increased energy, focus, and even a better outlook and improved mood. The mind is especially important when it comes to HGH levels during sleep. Human growth hormone helps the brain process all of the day’s activities, knowledge, and memories, storing them away for future use and recall. Without enough HGH, the brain will not be able to accomplish these steps.


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