Bulletproof Birth Stories?

I'm 43 and prego with my first. Due in a month! I have had a pretty easy pregnancy, except for heartburn (there is just no room left in there). Several of my peers have recently had babies and ended up blowing their birth plan and having a c-section. I'm trying to convince myself that since my diet and supplement regiment are vastly different from theirs (yes I've read and go by the better baby book). I'm still drinking BP decaf with brain octane and ghee! My friends think I'm nuts. According to my doc I'm "low risk (with a geriatric pregnancy hahahahaha!)" and everything is perfectly normal with my labs, weight gain and growth.
I guess what I'm looking for is other Bulletproofers' birth stories. I'm planning a hospital water birth, but I'm prepared for anything. It would be nice to know if all my healthy choices pay off in birth as well as my daily life. . .Or birth is what it is and no matter what happens I'll still be happy and healthy on the other side of it! Tell me your stories!


  • Hi! I hope by now you've safely delivered your baby!

    I had my sixth baby two years ago at age 46... I elected for a c-section after five natural births. There were lots of reasons why it was the best choice and to be honest while it wasn't my best birth experience it wasn't as terrible as I'd heard it would be.

    I didn't get the chance to do all the things I'd planned to do - microbiome seeding etc - to make my planned c-section as healthy as I could for baby (hospital policy). But I'm happy to report that my healthy choices during pregnancy coupled with post-birth resulted in a very healthy little girl (now a toddler) and a good recovery for me.

    Let us know how you got on!

  • I’m back with my birth story!! He’s here, 1 month old and after a small tongue tie issue he is thriving!

    Births never go as planned but mine went awesome even though I didn’t get my water birth. Contractions started the morning before my due date, went in at 7pm that night. Dialated to 7cm at about 5am. Got in the tub and labored for 3 hours in there, it was awesome. I thought the water was amazing and relaxing! Of course 3 hours later, there was no change. They broke my water and there was Poo in the fluid. My doc didn’t feel comfortable delivering in the water (I wasn’t progressing any way). So I got out and labored till noon and still didn’t progress. So doc decided on pitocin. I got an epidural at 1. I was exhausted and that thing was glorious!!! I napped for a couple hours. When I woke up it was time to push and try to turn him (he was sunny side up). Be cause of the turning pushing took 3 hours. I would push, he would turn and then we’d let him go back a little. He was born at 6:22pm! I tore a little, but healed within a few days. He’s perfect!

    I feel pretty good after. Breastfeeding was a rough start, but we are getting the hang of it. I don’t have a supply issue, that is for sure!!! I’m also working back in some caffeine!!! Not a lot but a little shot!

    Now if only I didn’t have to go back to work in a month.

  • I totally understand the planned c-section at 40+. I know a couple that experienced a stillbirth, so that scared the pee outta me. I had discussed being induced if I went past my due date.
    My hospital is a catholic one so they really try everything else before suggesting a c-section.

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