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Hi all. My daughter is almost one year old, and I'm thinking of weaning her from breastmilk. How did other mamas deal with this?

1) What did you replace breastmilk with? Goats milk? Cows milk? Why choose one type over the other? I don't have easy access to raw milk, and I'm not sure I'm ready to take the risks associated with it (for her sake), though on the occasions I've had it, I've enjoyed it.

2) How do you transition the feedings? Do you replace an afternoon feeding session with [cow/goat/other] milk? Did you mix it with breastmilk?

3) Did you continue to pump once or twice a day so that the baby could still have some of your milk (immune benefits) but wasn't relying on you for milk (i.e., takes goat/cow/other milk as primary liquid for fat and calcium content)?

This whole process feels mysterious to me right now. I haven't found anything particularly useful online.

Thanks in advance.



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    Hi -I nursed my son following a mostly infant-led weaning approach (2.5 years), so our timeline is a little different, but towards the end I definitely used some tools to help assist his transition.
    1. When were transitioning we did use raw milk, we have relatively easy access, but we also used goat's milk, which was well tolerated. As I'm nursing my 2nd child right now- I'll probably consider camel milk down the line, which you can buy raw or pasteurized online. https://desertfarms.com
    It's pricey, but that might be a good "Bulletproof" option.
    2. My son often nursed to sleep, so I needed to call in some support from his Dad at night. We never thought this would work, but it did without any drama! We would have our normal bedtime routine and then Dad would take over until he was asleep and respond in the middle of the night if necessary.
    3. Mamanatural has a good video on how she approached weaning her son when she was ready -buy creating a special "drink" ritual in place of nursing. You can google or youtube it.

    Good luck Mama!!

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