Diagnosed with Aortic Valve Disease

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I would like to hear from anyone that has cured Aortic Stenosis or knows someone that has.. I am told it's not possible. Please don't send me the generic Linus Pauling stuff... I've researched in detail.

I am looking forward to Open Heart Surgery and Aortic Valve replacement; I have Bicuspid Aortic Valve Disease, a Congenital problem that affects about 1%.. valve has two leaves instead of three, valve gets overworked and develops stenosis (hardening), and the valve doesn't close properly. I am 58yr male, was high ranked competitive age-grouper in crossfit, also did OCR, Adventure and other endurance races. Eventually, I had so much regurgitation I couldn't get enough oxygen to muscles, and developed minor enlarged left ventricle -- athlete's heart.

My diet has been very strict: Bulletproof and Plant Paradox-- I have high HDL and arteries are clean... little frustrating that I've done everything right have a bad valve.... but I am grateful, long story.

I think I have tried everything: Fish Oil, K2, Chinese herbs, Qigong, meditation/prayer/visualization, etc. Stem cells could hold promise in future, but not there yet, it seems.

If you know of anything else, please advise... I really don't want to have my sternum cracked and all the possible complications. Thought about consult with Ben, but seems like a waste, I've talked to some progressive heart folks that say once the valve is stenotic, it cant be reversed; there are some studies with apolipoprotein A-I (ApoA-I) that show reversal of stenosis in lab.

Prognosis is great if surgery goes well with tissue valve replacement.


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