Just happened upon this series ...

Not many new discussions here, but I thought I'd add my two cents.

I'm 65, and have experienced a lot of the same things the other posters have described. I was in a pretty good spot up until 2014 when I was diagnosed with a brain cyst and pretty much had to stop exercising walking, swimming) because of balance issues. Fast forward to May of 2017 - surgery for the cyst, 99% resolution of the problems. But as I (sort of) jokingly told my son recently, I woke one morning and had gained 15 lbs! WTH? I went into menopause 17 years ago, so this was a delayed response I thought. I am frankly about 40# away from where I want to be. Have been eating low carb for about 6 months, which obviously isn't enough. I have tried paleo and then a modified paleo and it was brutal. It took me 6 weeks to lose pound #1 on paleo, which is not a very high recommendation in my book. My latest experiment is intermittent fasting, since I have read many women's stories about late-life weight gain and the difficulty losing any of it by any other means. So while I haven't had the courage to jump on a scale since I started (just under two weeks) I do feel as if some of the bloating is going away slowly. Also trying to ease back into a moderate home exercise routine (Total gym and treadmill), which is my nemesis due to having pretty bad knee joint issues. So while this might not be an inspirational post, it's truthful and honestly, women my age need to be truthful and supportive of each other, and not gloss over the realities of age-related and hormonal-related weight issues. Screw those 30-somethings, even 40-somethings who lose 50# in 3 months on paleo, keto or low carb. We're in a totally unique class sistahs!

Looking forward to seeing more posts here.

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