Traveling to Thailand & Bali...Should I get vaccinacted?

HI all,
I live in Canada and I am traveling to Thailand and Bali for 6 weeks this winter. I have really been debating if i should get my shots for the trip. I don't regularly get my vaccines at all, as I don't completly believe in them. But, I also feel uneasy about traveling to a country that I know my body is not set up to "handle".
Im looking for suggestions on alternatives, or if i get them, what i can do to avoid it wrecking my immunity.
Thanks so much


  • I live in Thailand :)
    If you would like spend amazing holidays Thailand would be my recommendation. The first time I went to Thailand was just in October 2000. If you decide on Thailand, take care of getting visa on time, cause the process may be complicated. This may help

  • At least there is no harm in being vaccinated. So if I were you I would make assurance double sure and did it. IMHO what's also important in traveling abroad is to get vpn clients because of different geo-restrictions. I read purevpn reviews and I think it would be a good option.

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