Used NeurOptimal Personal Unit for sale (is on Ebay right now)

Hi fellow brain hackers! I'm a NeurOptimal trainer (and user) for 2 years now. I'm selling a Personal Trainer system (laptop version) on Ebay right now. It will remain there until sold ($3,995). It was purchased in Jan 2017 with 154 sessions left.

Two years ago I fell into buying several systems to work on the side, after 7 sessions eliminated my ADD issues. Saved me the $1,900 it cost me per year in Vyvanse drugs & Dr. visits. Nothing compared to saving my brain and body from the awful stimulants I was on. Never a guarantee and certain issues respond better than others.

I'm working on my Master's Degree and need to commit my time here, so I'm selling the Units. My brain is great! ha... Get it before it's gone! :)


  • Hi, Glad to hear it did wonders for you....
    If still available, contact me. I am looking for one but I would rather prefer a Pro Version...Would you have a Pro version as well for sale. If not is you Personal negotiable... Many thanks Marie-France

  • I am also selling my NeurOptimal pro system. Purchased in July of 2017. Asking $7,500.

  • Is your NeurOptimal pro system still for sale? I’m looking to purchase one. Thanks!

  • KleKle

    Is the pro still available?

  • I have a pro laptop NO3 version system I am looking to sell with an upgraded monitor. It is only 10 months old. It's in excellent condition. $7500.

  • I would be interested in the NO3 pro. Is it still available?

  • I am selling my Pro Neuroptimal Tablet Bundle.I purchased it a year ago and not used a lot it's in excellent condition.It has 6 months PASS Membership.$7500

  • What is the eBay link?

  • I will put the link in a few days

  • I want to purchase. Where? How? Details, please.

  • I am from Turkey ,Istanbul.I am a doctor,neurology specialist,my son is educating in NYC.Where are you from?If you are from US, I can send it to NYC and you can check it?Or what you want?

  • angie01 is your NO3 still available?

  • Hi There,
    Just wondering if the pro unit is still available? Thanks!, Michelle

  • Hi there! I am interested in both a personal and a pro system. Do you have any available? IF so, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you!

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    NEUROPTIMAL PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM FOR SALE - NEW CONDITION. I am looking to sell a Neuroptimal Professional System that is barely used. I have run approximately 15 sessions on the system. It comes with laptop, Z-amp, software, all in new condition. Plus unlimited sessions. I paid $13K+ and am looking to get $8500 + the $295 transfer fee. This is over $2K less than current new units. If you are interested, please contact me at [email protected] Looking to sell ASAP.

  • sperrysperry
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    Hello. I am looking to buy a personal system running NO3. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have one available. Thank you.

  • Why you are selling ?

  • Hello. I am looking to buy a professional system running NO3. Please contact me at brendamcintyre1(at)yahoo(dot)com if you have one available. Thank you.

  • Hi Guys I have a Neuroptimal V3 Pro with Microsoft Tablet Purchased for $11,000 now selling it for $8000 almost new
    Call me if your interested 6505578329

  • Hey everyone I have a neuroptimal Asus Laptop pro system. Still hasn't been upgraded to V3 yet. $6500 all in. Contact me virtue20 (at) gmail (dot) com or 6472376222

  • Hello! Selling my NeurOptimal Professional system with NO3 upgrade (purchased 2016). $7,300 total (I will pay $295 transfer fee and ship fully insured in US). Contact me at slpastacey at gmail.

  • Hello there, I am selling my Asus laptop Pro 2.0 Neuroptimal system that I purchased for my family in May of 2015. We used it for about 100 sessions and it worked great for us. It comes with all the information we received when it was new, it can be upgraded to 3.0 easily as we are the original owners. I am asking $5,600 for the system. You can email me for pictures or more information if you would like at [email protected] or call me directly at 970-227-5909 Thank you, Curtis

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