newb/starter experience

Apologizing right now for the following ignorance. Looking for direction and thoughts as I'm now going to be spending a great deal of time researching to perfect my diet. Any insights into what is going on or improvements would really make my day. Thanks!

I'm 31 years old male athletic not fat.

EXPERIENCE: Started the diet 4 days ago. This is exactly what I've done last 4 days and how I felt.

Morning = Lots of coffee with lots of grass-fed butter and mct oil. After this just water all day. Salmon and beans.
Afternoon = green beans with grass-fed butter, asparagus with grass-fed butter and sea salt, a small portion of steak
Late Afternoon = raw brocolli head
Just before bed = 2 sweet potatoes and I also go whole hog eating whatever I want... Ice cream, peanut butter, chips etc


First day I felt normal, but a little tired... kind of wanted to eat crap food. Second day and on has been amazing! I'm surprised at how little hunger I feel, but then when I start eating I just devour food.

I think the healthy fats are affecting my hormones... I have low level anxiety and it's all but completely gone for the first time in my life. I've done all kinds of things to try to get rid of my anxiety and this is definitely working. I no longer have this running negative narrative going on in my head. I'm enjoying having conversations with people at work MUCH more than ever. I'm laughing and making people laugh.

I work out to blow off stress and to feel better but for the last few days I don't feel like working out because I feel wonderful. My energy levels aren't dipping after lunch everyday. I've had what a doctor told me might be a "sebaceous cyst" on my back for 2 years and it's 1/3rd the size it has been for last 2 years in just 4 days.

So in short I'm completely stunned at how great I TRUELY feel. I know my negative thoughts, anxiety, and cyst on my back are NOT placebo effect. Whatever is happening is really awesome. Basically I'm here to learn everything I can to keep this going.

Last time I was at a Doctor over a year ago they told me I had "almost high cholesterol and almost high blood pressure". I'm also concerned about my liver because of drinking I did when I was younger. I'm also not trying to lose weight...maybe a little bit around my belly.

Any and all thoughts I'd be grateful. I'm trying to hone this thing in and get this even better or make it last forever. Thanks everyone

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