Timing of Lethargy

Hello! First post here. 31 y/o F, 5'4, previously 163lbs, I have no idea what I weigh now. I've been scouring the forums and I've found some help, but wanted to get some personal feedback too.

I've been following the BPIF protocol for 5 days now and I feel amazing. No cravings, no bloating, my mind is clear, I'm sharp, I'm not hungry. My energy level was fantastic until 2 days ago when I experienced an uncontrollable fatigue about an 1-1.5 hours after waking up. I nearly fell asleep driving both days... here's my schedule:

Wake up: 5:30, get ready for work, shower, etc
BPC: 7-9 (Anytime in between. I also drink it over the course of about an hour) MCT oil and GF butter with single origin beans
Lunch: 1pm **(I know it's supposed to be 2pm, but I start to feel lightheaded around 1 and I always improve after I eat a fatty meal with some vegs.
**Dinner: 6-8pm
, includes one starch (ex: one orange, one sweet potato)
No eating after 8pm
Go to bed: 9:00-10:00

I wake up at 5-5:30 and I'm not tired; in fact I feel refreshed, like this is amazing!! But then in the car when I drive to work I am uncontrollably tired- fearing I'm going to get in an accident. I leave at 6:30 and maybe start drinking my coffee anywhere 6:30-7. I've tried everything- loud music, opening the windows, singing, books on tape... nothing snaps me out of it. When I get to work/finished my BPC, it's slightly better. At least I cant stay awake at my desk. I'm fully awake by 9am.
Oh, I also did not know about the carb refeeds every 3-7 days so I haven't done one. I plan to eat 2 carbs tonight instead of the usual one.
With some trial and error, I discovered my sweet spot of electrolyte supplementation is 1.5-2g potassium (less gives me muscle soreness and cramps) and 500mg magnesium. I am not taking any other supplements. My overall energy level is incredible! I am so happy I convinced myself to try this lifestyle change.

Possible solutions I've considered:
Drink BPC earlier?
Drink BPC more quickly?
Time for a carb refeed?

Thank you in advance!

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