Getting Ready To Move Overseas

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In 3 weeks I'm moving from Australia to Arizona. It's a 15 hour flight with a 5 hour stop and then I have to find a place to live and stuff.

For the flight I'm gonna drink a big-ass BP coffee when I wake up that day and probably before I get on the plane. I will also take a BP meal I have in a container and eat my own food, but after that...

I land in Hawaii and spend 5 hours there, and then I fly to Phoenix where I might spend 1 day, and then go up to Sedona (where I'm moving to). Since I won't have a blender, and can't take liquids on a plane, I might have to ditch BP coffee for a few days. I'm thinking of going BP raw vegan (so raw vegan, but with only BP foods) and treat those first few days as a detox, til I find meat, a place to live and buy some cooking implements and a blender. I dunno. Dave says raw vegan is good for detoxing.

I might buy some sock eye salmon when I find a wholefoods and just eat that and some other stuff. I'll try to keep to my BP IF timings, but adjusted to my new timezone.

This should be interesting.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions for my plan, I'd love to hear them!


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