Low gluten diet leads to heart attack risk

I found this article on pubmed titled Low gluten diet leads to heart attack risk. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/behindtheheadlines/news/2017-05-04-low-gluten-diet-linked-to-heart-attack-risk/
There was a similar article on a major news site and I know my dad will now have ammunition to tell me "how dangerous" it is to go gluten-free. Can someone put this article in perspective? I have to go gluten-free because I get depressed and fatigued when I don't.


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    It is pretty well known that whole grains are associated with decreased heart attack and all cause mortality. Being gluten free does not increase the risk, you just don't get the benefits.

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  • I don't eat gluten but I eat other grains like oats and rice and quinoa. So you would think the other subjects would also eat non gluten grains and still have the benefits. This study doesn't sound right to me.

  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    Gluten free is a very niche diet, so likely the overwhelmingly vast majority of those in the study that ate grains where eating grains containing gluten. Survey style studies are prone to these issues (high sample/low control). Likely you are good with those choices.

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  • I just posted an amazingly thorough reply that, somehow, I screwed up and deleted while editing. (RAGE...!!)

    I'm not going to re-take the time to reproduce it so all you get is my conclusion and a few quick leads:
    In addition to JM's comments above about survey studies, this study is made up entirely of nurses, As it happens, nurses have several common denominators that lead to CHD, all independent of whether they eat gluten. In relation the the human population at large -- they smoke more, they eat worse, they have higher blood pressure, they have higher stress, they have higher incidence of family history of CHD, etc and so on. It's also female-heavy and women have a higher rate of CHD after menopause. (The number of women nixed from the study (47%) comared to men (12%) must lead you to assume that something else is at play here...)

    The jury is definitely still out on this one!! There are WAY TOO MANY outside, uncontrolled variables in this study to arrive at any conclusion that is based on any variable in isolation.
    Disarm your dad and eat what you like! :D

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