How to go BP as a low income single mom?

Hello the title says it all, does anybody have any tips because grass fed beef, buying supplements, etc is very expensive, I do what I can but the only option I have found is to eat less, that can be tough with kids in the house and a tight budget



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    I would focus on the most critical things. If you are not sensitive to certain things, you don't necessarily have to watch out for them. Focus on whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods and the really necessary supplements, not the fancy ones, and there is a lot you can cut if you discard the esoteric additions. You don't have to buy 100% of what is talked about here, actually, not even 20%, to be healthy.

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    Is your social worker in that horse?


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  • We buy mostly and eat mostly organic veggies and rice. Grass-fed meat maybe 3-4 times a week, small portions of it. 5oz at the most. Winco has affordable grass-fed meat. I loath Walmart, but I’m sure they have some options too. Buying Kerigold butter at Costco saves tons of money too!

    You can even look up the EWGs clean and dirty list for veggies. You don’t have to buy everything organic!

    We’ve looked into buying a cow, but would need to split it with a few people. So we haven’t gotten that far yet. That makes beef the cheapest.

    A huge part of our budget goes towards food still. But as someone who has spent tons on doctor bills and prescriptions in the past, healthy food is a way better treat!

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