Drinking BPC When I Have High Triglycerides?

I currently suffer from high triglycerides. The normal level should be below 150 and mine are 350.

To attempt to fix this, I've done the following:
1. Taking concentrated fish oil pills with 900mg of Omega-3s twice a day.
2. Working out 6 days a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes (before I was working out 3 days a week for 1 hour)
3. Changed my diet so that I eat less carbs (only brown rice, quinoa, lentil-flour pasta, or oats) with organic meat, fish and vegetables.

I've been doing this for 2 months now and feel and look great. However, I won't find out if my triglycerides have lowered until next month. I've been reading Head Strong and tried BPC for the first time today and felt incredible. However, when I looked at the Brain Octane Oil and saw 14 grams of Caprylic Acid Triglycerides, I panicked. Will BPC raise the triglycerides in my body that I'm trying very hard to lower? I probably won't drink anymore BPC as a precaution until I get the results of my next blood test.


  • Are you eating "high" carb everyday? You could do the full bulletproof diet so you can be powered by fat through like 80 percent of the week and use those triglycerides for fuel. On your carb days, maybe consider more "bulletproof" carbs?

    Less carbs is the right idea...its the excess carbohydrates that turn to trigs, especially sugar. Using fat for fuel should have a more dramatic impact. Maybe do traditional bulletproof but doing legit pure black coffee fasting rather than bulletproof fat fasting to further make use of your potential new fuel reserves. Also, not exactly a bulletproof concern, but try not to go overboard on the saturated fat despite how prized the fat is around here.. Get lots of monounsaturated fat too. Avocados, olives, cooking oils made from eithsr...(but dont cook with olive oil)

  • Thanks for the response. My carb intake per day is probably somewhere between 75g - 150g which feels relatively low for me, but I know I can do better in that area. I will try to eat less carbs and more fat and try out intermediate fasting as well. Thank's to the Head Strong book, I now cook with ghee butter instead of extra virgin olive oil (had no idea the oil's beneficial properties get destroyed while cooking). I guess I'll try to do all this before I start drinking more bulletproof coffee.

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    To answer your question, Consuming Triglycerides doesn't raise your Triglycerides. Its just like how consuming Fat doesn't raise your fat and how consuming more cholesterol doesn't raise your cholesterol.

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    That basically goes against everything Dave says... He has an article where he is skin and bones after eating 4000cal/day without working out..

    Personally I'm with Dave on this because if I become calorie deficient (under like 3000 calories) I end up gaining fat where I normally don't... As long as I'm I n the green zone at least.. Eating Corn & factory animals would certainly not have the same effect.

    It almost sounds like you're advising against drinking BPC.

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    You're Incorrect, the group with the highest dietary fat intake (the low-protein group) gained the least weight, not the most. They did not distinguish between fat and muscle gain, though, you could have a point if they were measuring muscle gained, but it didn't say that and so I doubt that. But that's not even what you said anyways... you just ready 2+2=4 and said 2+2=-4. Lmao.

    Furthermore, for all we know, they are all gaining weight (at all) because their diets are high in toxins, not because of the calorie intake. They could just be having Canola Oil, Soybean Oil & Vegetable Oil for all we know. That is going to make you fat because your body can't use it as energy, its toxic! Your body has to use more energy to fight it! Same thing if they all had yeast-heavy, high-mycotoxin, gluten-filled grains & sugar as their carbs with corn & soy-fed meat and legumes for their protein. Your body has to spend energy fighting these toxic foods, its not going to get anything from it. Well, if you have Candida, it would likely be very pleased with that type of diet, so if you consider that a part of your body, you got me!

    I'm not saying Dave is infallible, but a lot of what he says works for a lot of people & is very anti-establishment, so its really annoying to come on the forum (you know, the one owned by his company) and see someone labeled a mod to be spouting establishment lies. Seriously, someone's got to be paying you to come in this forum and say this stuff. If you want to be somewhere establishment, there are a million forums for that.

    Next you'll be saying:

    • grain-fed meat is high in K2 because the corn/soy feed has supplemental K1, grass-fed is a scam
    • run everyday, its good for your heart.
    • mycotoxins don't exist
    • gluten a miracle food & should be the main part of the food pyramid
    • soy? Superfood.
    • saturated fat causes heart disease, especially coconut oil and butter!
    • pesticides are fine, they all wash off via rinsing
    • magnesium poisoning from supplements is more common than magnesium deficiency, that's a very rare thing
    • sugar is fine, just carbs
    • Aspartame is fine, never gotten a headache from it
    • ace-k doesn't cause cancer
    • multivitamins are fine, nothing cancer causing in there
    • antibiotics are miracle drugs, use them whenever you have a fever
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