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Hey y’all! For the last six months I was getting terrible sleep because of a hectic work situation. I’m finally sleeping better but I can’t believe how much my skin aged in that short span of time! It looks like I’ve aged three years. I’m 31, female. My eyes are what’s showing it the most. Any recommendations on supplements or topicals I could try to help me bounce back? I’m aware of Thank you for your thoughts.



  • Use some collagen closer to bedtime, the glycine helps with sleep and collagen is great for the skin. I have gotten hundreds of skin compliments, only after using collagen. Before collagen, nobody once told me that I had nice skin.

  • A healthy diet (low in sugar and carbs), reduce salt and drinking enough water (hydration has a lot to do with under eye bags). I have the same problem and besides having a healthy diet I{ve been using Dermal MD treatment for under eye bags.

  • Plenty of water, a healthy diet, a meticulous skin care routine, and sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunsreen. Never leave home without it, regardless of if it is sunny or cloudy. Sunscreen is the best defense.

  • Protecting yourself against excessive uv light, yes. But excessive use of toxin-loaded sunscreen can’t be the best solution for that.

  • You could try a mineral sunscreen, one that physically blocks the sun rather than a chemical one.

  • The easiest thing to do is follow the right way of life. If you have bad habits, get rid of them. You should sleep better and drink enough water, because each person should consume about 2 liters of water per day. You can also resort to cosmetic products, but it is better to start easy. Good luck!

  • I highly recommend Vitaliy26 to help you tighten your skin and hydrates it. I personally use their organic face cream and serum. Try it and see for yourself.

  • Phyto350 is a powerful anti aging supplement which promises to take back the time with a simple use of a pill, To protect the skin from sun-aging, To repair all forms of damaged skin. Read Phyto350 Reviews From Real Users at zsazsacreamreviews.

  • I'm extremely surprised plexaderm haven't been mentioned at least once above. Because it's the first and foremost skincare supplement. There's a ton of reviews and articles on the web. Take this one, for instance

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