BulletProof ARX shit talking rights

Hello fellow members,

So, full disclosure;

My name is Isaudy. I've recently partnered up with Eric Schwertzel and we're launching a Fitness center with bullet proof ideals and equipment in Manhattan, NYC. We utilize the bulletproof vibeplate and the ARX to provide results with just one 30 min session per week.

We're hosting a competition on Wednesday the 31st of this month @ 6:30. Come check it out, speak with like minded individuals, try out the equipment, compete and have a good time.

"Noted Bio-Hacker, Bob Troia will speak and demonstrate self-tracking, biohacking, and personal optimization. Bob is passionate about finding creative, 10X solutions to challenging problems that improve modern living through technology and data. Areas of interest include health and wellness, human performance, longevity and anti-aging, personal informatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, connected devices and robotics, AgTech, and 3D printing/mass customization. Check out QuantifiedBob.com for more info. Other Guests Speakers include Jason Korenthal's epic health transformation using the principles of Dave Asprey's Head Strong, Eric Schwertzel will demonstrate the future of exercise; the ARX and Bulletproof Vibe plate. Everyone will be able to try the biohacking tools
The competition is who has the strongest horizontal chest press.
(This will not be measured by the highest max, but relative to size and body weight.)"

The Grand Prize winner will receive 1 month free of ARX training.
2nd and 3rd will receive 25% off
All others who attend will receive a promo code for 15%

[email protected]

Link to the facebook event, feel free to share.


Dave Asprey and his thoughts on the ARX


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