Bulletproof while breastfeeding?

I’m starting to go bulletproof while still nursing my 1yo in hopes of bringing back my cycle so I can get pregnant again. I’m only in day 2, but so far I have a couple observations.

  1. I hadn’t planned to do BIF, but after drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning I’m not hungry until 11am. I’m not hungry, but this morning I was getting dizzy. Do I need to eat sooner or maybe add more fat to my coffee?
  2. I feel like I need a small amount of carb at each meal. Is this ok, or does it break the bulletproof rules?
  3. I feel awesome in the afternoon, no more 4pm slump despite the fact that my toddler hasn’t been sleeping as much lately.

Any other nursing mamas here with experience to share with me?


  • Abe_RAbe_R
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    Dizziness could be from Caffeine (high quality coffee is going to absorb more readily because your body isn't wasting time trying to kill all the toxins that are in regular coffee) or from inexperience with Ketosis. The first time I had a BPC I definitely used more MCT Oil than I could handle, but I was already fairly ketogenic so it didn't take long to adapt. Sometimes I still get lightheaded after reefed days trying to have too much coffee too early.

    If you think its the caffeine, try L-theanine. If its the inexperience with Ketosis, just slow down and work your way into it. Maybe have a BPC with a teaspoon of MCT a little butter and have some eggs, too. Then gradually work your way up to having multiple tablespoons and no breakfast.

    Women need more carbs than men do, having starch or fruit in the morning will take you out of ketosis, but If your goal is health for you and your baby, exiting ketosis is not going to be the end of the world. As long as they are high quality starches (organic white rice/sweet potatoes/carrots) and/or fruit (organic blueberries/blackberries/lemon/lime) you're good. Even the roadmap recommends having breakfast one day a week. I believe that Dave said he gives his kids breakfast with protein and fiber (vegetables) and some people count that as a carbs so that would be fine too.. He said kids shouldn't do fasting, but he gives them BPC with breakfast.

    I'm a guy, but I recommend reading Lana & Dave Asprey's "the better baby book" Its like $5 used on abebooks.com (no affiliation, just a coincidence. Its the cheapest used books site, usually.

    Eat plenty of egg yolks, Google "get some ice cream Dave asprey" for details on that. I do this because I like Icecream. Lol. Lately I've been doing the recipe with 12 yolks no whites and it has been working better for me than having any whites. Just don't make the mistake of using a sweetener other than Xylitol, Erythritol especially makes the icecream really hard when you put it in the freezer.

  • Thanks! I’ll experiment in the morning with adding breakfast and see if that makes a difference.

    Sounds like carbs at lunch and dinner are ok too. I mostly eat sweet potato or plantain as my carb source, sometimes a little white rice. I’m not worried about exiting ketosis, just want to optimize my health and get in plenty of good fats to help my fertility restore. I’ll definitely google the better baby book and check that out.

    I’d love to try the get some ice cream, but Xylitol really messes with my digestive system. Is there any alternative? Could I use honey, for example?

  • One of the things that helped me re-establish fertile cycles while breastfeeding was to get enough sleep! I know this can be practically impossible with a 1 year old, but I'm wondering if you are co-sleeping and nursing a lot at night. It may help to have dad help you get extra sleep! Also, I needed to add to salt to my water throughout the day, and extra minerals, bone broth, etc. This may help with the dizziness. I agree with the other posts about egg yolks, good carbs, extra omega-3s, and being "bulletproof" in general should help get you on your way. Good luck! I just welcomed baby #2 at age 42.

  • Put some collagen in your coffee! That breaks ketosis. I also do half decaf. I’m currently nursing a 1 month old, my first and I’m 43. I couldn’t do caffeine while I was prego, so I’m slowly working in some while BF.

    I gained 40lbs during pregnancy and I’ve lost it all but 6lbs already. My little one is thriving!!!!

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