Help Me Elongate My Telomeres

I have embarked upon a year long quest to lengthen my telomeres, thus reversing my age at the biological level. The strategies I am employing include: clean keto diet, running very long distances, cycling long distances, weight lifting, mega dosing vitamins, intermittent fasting, yoga, breath work, cold therapy, hot therapy, and massage.

Does anyone have any additional suggestions? At the six month mark, I am going to retest my telomeres. At that point, I may begin taking metformin. I am reluctant to explore HGH.


  • Hello,

    All those things you mentioned are amazing. They help to rid your body of stress and the things that cause stress, which leads to aging. The Telomeres, from what I have read about, help in anti-aging. There are ways to affect the Telomeres.

    One of my teachers, a sage who enlightened many years ago, has spoken about the Telomeres. He is well into his years as a senior, but his body and the body of his wife are both scientifically in their 30's.

    What you need is a technique that will place you in a Zone, where all your thoughts disappear. You do not have to sit in meditation or exercise for hours, trying to achieve this. It is actually much easier than that. When you reach a point where your thoughts disappear, Light & Energy enter into your cells and change the structure of them. The Light & Energy affects every cell in your body, every part of the body. Here are a couple of things you can do to cause your body to actually anti-age. These do not just slow time down, they change the cells in your body, making your immunity stronger, and causing your body to heal and anti-age.

    What everyone else in the world is doing, by using creams, changing diets, exercising and getting procedures, is just slowing time down. They are definitely not anti-aging. To anti-age, you need Light & Energy, and a strong Will, to get to the cellular structure inside of your body.

    One of the things I have experimented with, as advice from my teacher, is meditating in ice-cold showers. The moment the cold water hits your skin, your body goes into shock and protective mode. When the body goes into shock, the mind erases all thoughts. When that happens, you have an instant release of everything bad, stress, old emotions, old thoughts. Being in the Zone, where no thoughts exist, is the most powerful place we can be. Do this every day, or a few times a week. Put the cold on for 30 seconds, then switch to hot. Put the cold back on for 30 seconds, then switch back to hot. Try standing in the cold 3 or 4 times, while meditating and keeping your body from shaking. This is an ancient technique that makes your body anti-age. It also builds up immunity to anything. While standing in the cold, you can breathe slow and watch a White Light inside of your heart center and spreading to all parts of the body.

    This is an article I wrote on my own blog. It is a breathing technique that was given to me by my teacher, Sage, Peter Ragnar. He gave me permission to pass this on. Not only are the cells of his body in his 30's, while he is a senior, but I also have not aged in over 20 years. Link to "Breathing for Age Reversal"

    As well, here is a link to a post I made on this Forum. It is entitled, "How to Actually Anti-Age and Keep the Body from Deteriorating". It explains the process of changing the mind, the thoughts, as the main factor for anti-aging, prior to changing the diet, taking vitamins, exercise, etc. Once we change the thoughts and fully believe that it is 100% impossible for our bodies to age, then drinking more water, taking vitamins, eating right and exercising will help support you in that belief.

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