MCT Oil & Dizziness

Dizzy and lightheadiness from MCT oil.
Started taking 6 days ago, initially as one teas and then to 1 tbs in morning coffee. Now have dropped back to 1/2 teas and still happening.
How long should I give it before I give up on MCT?


  • Abe_RAbe_R
    edited January 23

    Are you fasting for the first time? I doubt small amounts of MCT Oil would be causing you to be lightheaded, but fasting would almost certainly... especially if you stay seated for hours & stand up suddenly... One of the reasons stand-up desks are awesome.

  • Not fasting but minimal carbs. Friend got me onto bullet proof coffee and have given up sugar completely. Maybe not eating enough could be the problem.

  • Abe_RAbe_R
    edited January 24

    If you are having BPC for breakfast and not eating until the afternoon, then you are fasting. If that's what you're doing, consider having some eggs, bacon or avocado in the morning at first until you get used to no protein/fiber in the morning. Certainly up your water intake if you think it might be from an unusually high amount of caffeine in the morning (there is about 3x more of it in coffee than tea.) Try watering down your coffee or just use less beans. If that helps you may want to consider L-Theanine. I used to only drink green tea before I tried Dave's coffee beans, so sometimes I like L-Theanine with my coffee (or I just have tea later on.)

  • Thanks for that. I do put a scoop of protein powder in the coffee as well as almond milk. Will eat more today and see how I go!

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