Tanning Problems

So I have the problem where my arms and legs are very tanned, but my body is a shade lighter. My body is the same colour as my face, however neither tan. I'm very regularly in the sun for what can be hours or even a short time, however the colour of my body never changes even though my arms are a lot more tanned than my body. My body isn't completely white, but it isn't the same colour of my arms so it is noticeable.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can make my body more tanned? The only option I can think of that I haven't already tried is a tanning lotion but from what I've heard, all they do is accelerate your bodies tanning capacity, and from what I can see my body has reached its tanning plateau and therefore has no tanning capacity.

Any thoughts?



  • Just because you are out in the sun does not mean certain parts of your skin are exposed to enough of it in order for it to tan. If you want your body or face to get tan you have to sun bathe.

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  • Try to use Vitality26 organic skin care products. It will help you even out skin tone.

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