Night time Brain Zaps & seretonin


Very new to the diet so wondering if anyone else is having similar issues. I've been waking up with a terrifying full body electric shock feeling.

I've only ever got this before after a music festival I go to each year which results in a ton of alcohol, multiple drugs, lack of food and lots of walking around and dancing (exhaustion).

From what I've read its linked to lack of seretonin (which makes sense when I get it after partying) but why am I getting them on this diet? Very strange, however it certainly now feels like it's mitochondria all being turned on at once and firing HARD, it's a horrific and terrorfying feeling, but apparently harmless and I'm sure actually just all in my mind.

Anyone else has this? I think my body is having a hard time transitioning off the carbs, yesterday I felt completely out of it and starving all day despite 4 meals and to bulletproof coffees.


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