Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

Hi. I'm new around here, but have been on and off Keto (yeah I know not the way to be successful) for the better part of 2 years. I have been drinking bulletproof coffee for most of that time! Yum!

Has anyone recently done the Rapid FatLoss protocol? I'd love to hear some real people experiences. I will be doing this with my husband (which will be annoying, since he is sure to lose more/faster)

Thanks :)



  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod
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    Not recommended, in the 5 years of viewing this forum there is roughly a less than 1% success rate with that form of extreme dieting. It is absoulutely unsustainable, and after your initial water loss you will stagnate when your metabolism drops to match the low calories, then you will quit and go back to some form of normal eating and gain the water weight, back with perhaps some new fat as your metabolism works its way back to normal. A 100% butter diet is as silly as it sounds, hopefully common sense should prevail here.

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  • Modern Life SurvivalistModern Life Survivalist Saturated Fat Truther ✭✭

    Give it a try. Low-carb, high-fat is an incredibly effective way to lose weight. Just make sure to watch your liver/gallbladder, because toxins in fat stored up over years will dump there to be processed. I almost lost my gallbladder on a zero-carb diet, and had to reintroduce carbs.

    Since then, I've learned this liver issue can be managed by taking milk thistle, artichoke extract, and some activated charcoal. Learn to time these things correctly (artichoke and other bile stimulants are best taken after meals; charcoal should never be taken before meals/with meals). Another good idea is to utilize olive oil in the process, because that also helps with bile production. I'm also not a big fan of MCT oil myself, but if you can tolerate it, use sparingly as the protocol recommends. I'm pretty sure this would work to get you to lose a lot of weight, considering the intense state of ketosis you'll be in.

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