I got this crazy idea to make cheap bacon more bulletproof. How plausible is this?

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So basically my idea is to cook mass quantities of high omega 6, non-pastured, and even additive ridden bacon(maybe even turkey bacon for less omega 6 to start from) in rendered grain-fed beef tallow(cheaper than grain fed butter!) Like really cooking in a pool of the stuff... at 275F in the oven. Then when it's done, have the meat drain in a colander dripping back into the pot of tallow... THEN place the meat on paper towels, and when sufficiently dried, it's put in the freezer.

The pot of tallow is put in the fridge. Next day, drain liquid fats in sink. Solid fat is saved. Rerender the saturated fat to purify it, then put in the freezer to reuse, then continue the cycle of cooking bad bacon in the salvaged saturated fat after all the bad bacon has been eaten.

To prepare the...frozen "filtered" bacon, it is cooked using a bulletproof cooking method with bulletproof fats.

How plausible is this? It seems like most of the unwanted additives and polyunsaturated fats would be lower. It also seems like the high smoke point of the tallow would make it stable enough to continue using till gone. Would this even be worth it? Even if it's not worth the effort, how much better does this make the bad bacon? I know this probably sounds ridiculous...


  • The primary issues with the poorly treated pigs is the toxins in their meat and fat.
    This just sounds like a plan to waste good fats by throwing away half and spoiling the rest. The bacon will still be bad bacon. Isn't cutting bad stuff more beneficial than adding good?

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