Bproof/Slo Carb Desserts

I enjoy sweet stuff just like anyone else...which I typically satisfy via stevia.

I'm always looking for variety though and also have a girlfriend (hates stevia, loves xylitol) and her two kids to satisfy as well.

So I'm looking for options that I can replace the usual craved junk with.

Typical junk food ice cream - Replaced with 'Get some' ice cream which I'm very excited to finally try

I have a simple recipe that can be modified in a million ways but it's a base of coconut oil with chocolate mixed in with stevia to taste...then it's frozen so it can be eaten like chunks of a candy bar. You can add vanilla, nuts, whatever to it depending on taste and goals.

What else are people using...I do have the bulletproof diet book which I'm gonna go over again for dessert/treat options again too.

As noted in the title...I'm looking for bulletproof options overall but currently doing the slo carb verion of things so anything that would also fit into that category would be even more appreciated.




  • Lakanto is my favorite for sweetners, very smooth and no chemical taste. It does not work for BP ice cream though, the ice cream does not set right. You can also look up Crosby Tailor on social media, he is a sugar free dessert chef and his recipes are actually amazing. I have made some things for family members who are not healthy in any way and are used to eating junk all of the time. They have absolutely loved them

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