Post-surgery biohacks?

Hi all,

I was just discharged from the hospital yesterday after perforating my appendix and having a laparoscopic appendectomy. I am wanting to get back out into the real world again as soon as possible, as well as use this opportunity to learn some cool tricks for healing. My goals are:

  • Maintain/ gain muscle mass with a lifting limit of 10 lbs for the next 6 weeks (signed up for a gym membership the day it ruptured, of course :s )
  • Decrease pain and dependence on pain medications (currently can take my q4h Norco q6h or q8h, but would like to get off it even more so i can drive)
  • Get my gut biome back to better than it was before since I have been on fairly broad-spectrum antibiotics

Right now I am taking Glycine, Vitamin C, BP Collagen, Kefir, and using the sleep induction mat for pain (seriously, it worked so well it was probably the reason I went so long without going to the ER because after laying on that I thought the problem was completely gone!)

Anyone have any tips from their past surgeries that helped? Any favorite probiotics I should check out once I'm done with the antibiotics?



  • Look into Just Thrive Probiotic. The probiotics used in the product actually withstand antibiotics. I spoke with company about heir probiotic over the phone for almost an hour, I was impressed to say the least.

  • Get an negative ion generator. Hang out close to it.

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