Issues w/ french pressed bulletproof coffee

Started drinking bulletproof coffee a few weeks ago. Up until today, we’ve been using our Keurig machine to brew the actual coffee. Today we decided to switch to a french press, and we’ve run into an issue. We make the coffee using the press, then pour it directly into a Vitamix with ghee and MCT Oil. After blending, there is a significant dark layer on top of the resulting beverage. We’ve noticed a bit of an oil slick on top previously, and my guess is this is that same oil slick combined with the “silt” from the french pressed coffee. We tried it twice now, increasing the coarseness of the grind the second time hoping it would help. Both times resulted in this dark layer. If it were just visual, it wouldn’t bother me. Unfortunately, there is a definite bitter taste and thicker texture to that part as well. Makes the coffee very hard to enjoy. Has anyone else run into an issue like this, and is there an easy fix? Am I merely still grinding the beans too fine, or something else?


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    We had this problem recently when our (beloved)

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    I find french presses to be very inconsistent. The main problem is they get residue caught inbetween the apparatus of the press, and in the fine mesh inbetween the (usually diveted) steel plates that hold it together. It always resulted in coffee that tastes, to put it delicately, like urine. Also, the resulting brew caused me to have a reaction like I usually have to mold. So, the problem could be the residue that's getting caught inbetween, interacting with the fresh coffee and forming some kind of film. I would recommend you grab a Chemex with some safe paper filters (though Dave likes metal filters) that you like and never look back.


  • french press needs coarse grinds

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