Canned Sardines

Sardines and Anchovies are highly recommended on a BP diet, but they are packaged in cans. Dave has warned strongly against canned products due to BPA. Furthermore, any can that is BPA-free usually has a different chemical called BHPF that is just as damaging. See also this link. So it seems there is no way to win with cans. How am I right? How am I wrong? I am assuming there is no difference between "canning" and "tinning", the risk is the same for these chemicals.

Also, has anyone found a jarred version of sardines or anchovies that is acceptable? Just now I found these jarred sardines and jarred anchovies on Amazon. All of it is very expensive. Any opinions on these? Any suggestions for alternatives that cost less, but still avoid the chemicals used in canning?

Bottom line, I want my sardines or anchovies...without worrying about the chemicals added through packaging. Lower price would be a plus.

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