Lack of appetite

edited March 2018 in The Bulletproof Diet

I'm not sure if this is really a problem per se but I don't get hungry enough to eat very much. I have coffee with salted butter, octane oil and collagen first thing (with a Thorne Research multivit) Then I work for 12 hours and when I get home I'm barely hungry enough to finish one meal.

Just to clarify I eat one actual meal per day. A portion of meat and some vegetables (all green on the bulletproof sheet) cooked in ghee and soaked in melted butter.

On paper this is half the recommended amount of protein per day. I'm a 75kg 27 year old male. The recommended amount of protein per day is 60g for my body weight and I'm having 30g.

Any thoughts?


  • Maybe he is just full from the coffee??? Like I am. I’m not that hungry, SOMEDAYS. one BP coffee at 6am and another at 11. Lunch at 230pm. I’m not starving. Dinner, I’ll eat. No. I don’t have a disorder

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