Would these break Intermittent Fasting protocol? Not for puritans...

Would these break Intermittent Fasting 16:8 protocol? Not for puritans...
I would like to ask if the following supplements would seriously be detrimental to breaking a fast within the inermittent fasting protocol...

  1. 3g Vitamin C tablets (this amount is supposed to lower cortisol that is increased while fasting)
  2. 5 tablets of amino acids , HumaPro (they claim 5 tablets are only 0.2 calories!)
  3. One-1.5 tablespoons of Black Seed Oil
  4. Konjac Glucomannam Fiber supplement (3-5 capsules)
  5. Grapefruit or Basil essential oil (1 drop) in tea

I don't always take these, but the Konjac with the amino acids tabs satiate me enough to continue fasting....
Most curious about Black cumin seed oil. I guess it is in the same category as coconut oil which doesn't involve Sugar metabolism and is under 50 calories?

Well lets hear what you think and other supplements you take to prolong the fasting period?


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