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I have been using brainwave entrainment products since 2004. The most time has been spent with Holosync. I like the product but I believe it is overpriced. I have also used software called NeuroProgrammer. It comes with very good documentation about brainwaves and points you towards where to find more information. It has meditation sessions for many different uses. You are able to tweak them for ad hoc use or to be saved to a CD or mp3. You can also create hypnosis audio with the tool. I have since migrated to a Mac and I haven't installed a Windows emulator yet.

The experience has made subtle and lasting changes over time. It happened slowly so I'm not really sure what the effects are. This makes it difficult to justify buying the next level of Holosync. I feel better able to handle stressful situations.

I have had bad trips with theta waves. If I meditate with them too long (>30 min) during the day or use them while I sleep, I get nightmares. It is interesting because now the experience of a nightmare seems more rational. I can step outside the experience because I know it is a physiological effect in the brainwaves or nervous system.

I am interested in Pzizz because I mostly use brainwave entrainment audios for falling asleep (hard to find time to listen during the day).

I'm interested in reading about other people's experience with brainwave entrainment.


  • Great topic. Personally, I've done levels one and two of Holosync many years ago and concluded that it is an expensive and time consuming program. Some of the techniques that Dave has talked about using - like a week of intensive brainwave training - seem like a more efficient solution to get to the same end goal, but i haven't tried those.

    I have a general question of the effectiveness of binaural beats vs. CES. I currently use an iphone app with binaural beats to target specific brainwave patterns - usually i am targeting states where i can either focus or be more creative. Is CES somehow more effective than binaural beats? Are there a broader range of brainwaves you can target? Seems like binaurals have the obvious advantage of being able to sit in my office with only earbuds (more socially accepted than having things clipped to my ears), while CES has the advantage of allowing you to listen to other inputs (calls, music, etc)...but are there other advantages to CES?
  • Binaural beats and brain entrainment techniques do work, that much I can tell you.

    From my own personal experience, the results can, however, vary from individual to individual. It worked for me, but my sister had limited results.

    However, this technology is, indeed, very innovative. I personally reviewed several packages for my site: and some of them are really impressive.
  • @RadiantLux - I was thinking of buying NeuroProgrammer3 ( - seems a lot beetter than Holosync to me, just in terms of features and flexibility and cost. Can you say more about your experience with this product?
  • Over a month ago, I purchased a David Delight Pro. It is a light and sound device, with added CES technology. I find it to be extremely immersive and to have some profound effects on cognitive function. It comes with 25 preset session relating to energy, meditation, sleep, learning and feeling better. It has the option of a software add-on, which allows for creating custom session. Currently, I am sticking with the preset session, but plan to dive into customization, once more information, is gathered. I am extremely interested in deep delta sleep sessions. I want to run a combination of deep delta (1.5hz), but have the session move into low theta, to create REM sleep. I know we need deep sleep and rem sleep for ideal recovery. I would only do this when planning for time reduced sleep sessions, in the 2-3 hour range. I would also love to get into theta learning. Overall the device has been a big help and it comes with a HRV timer of 5 seconds, in/out, on each session. This way you are breathing in timed 5 second cycles and maximizing multiple forms brain/body enhancements. The only quantified measurements I have off this software, is decreased time to green on my emwave2 sessions. (3 difficultly mode) Let me know if you guys have any experience in this area, as I am looking for well informed like minded individuals who can help me with increased knowledge, in this field.
  • Neuroprogrammer is a great product. I have used it for years and even their previous version was amazing. It has the capability to create the same sessions as you mentioned. the company transparent also has a couple other products for more control in modifying your sessions with excellent flexiblity. I also found another site that you can somewhat create your own sessions and they only cost a couple bucks. It doesn't give the same flexibilty as neuroprogrammer but it states it used the same technology. Another point is neuroprogrammer has part of their product creation patented, so you will find many other brainwave entrainment products and music out there without all the advantages neuroprogrammer provides. Thats my experience. Oh the website to create your own sessions is the learning center of got the good life website. Here. If you want to spend more money on neuroprogrammer or their other product mind workstation, go here.
  • hzahza ✭✭
    I've been using BWE for about 10 years now, and could write more on the subject probably than anybody wants to read; certainly more than i want to sort through and write out. I started with Holosync too, and at the time it was a good program and decently priced. I got a lot out of it, and actually still use it almost daily, since I have two full levels to go before finishing up with it (probably 2-2.5 years or so).

    Since the advent of Neuroprogrammer, there's no reason to buy entrainment audio on cds anymore as per the Holosync model, but you can lose a lot of time fiddling around with the various parameters and settings, and just experimenting. The Transparentcorp forum has a lot of user-defined sessions available for free download too, though, so you can save time that way.

    Point is, if you're interested in audio bwe, afaik Neuroprogrammer 3 is the best deal going. There's freeware out there too, but I don't know what the latest and greatest is.

    Pzizz currently is only available for purchase of single audio tracks, or that's how it was being done last I checked their website. I have the original software from like 2005 or '006, but honestly it does very little for me. It's pleasant enough to listen to, but it doesn't help me sleep at all, and may actually keep me awake somewhat.

    That may be the result of all the years I've spent entraining with binaural beats; Holosync is marketed on the theory that the brain gains immunity from repeated binaural entrainment. There's certainly an element of truth to this notion, in my experience, as everything sooner or later loses its effect, but a new program always seems to work for a while. Pzizz is the one thing I've tried so far that has done almost nothing for me. But Dave likes it, so there's that.

    CES sounds more promising, but it takes a larger investment up front, so I've been reluctant to dive into it just yet. Right now I'm about to get a bundle of HEG and EEG home neurofeedback equipment and training--been dying to get started with EEG for years but never could afford it, and don't have the time to tinker around with OpenEEG and other DIY electronica. It'll be hard enough carving out time puzzling out electrode placement and how to read scans and etc.

    Anyway, on the entrainment subject, since I've already got the full Holosync program, I'm going to continue with it to the end, but I'd be much more interested with CES-oriented approaches if I were new to the game. Devices like the David, or even just pure CES stuff looks like it's probably more consistently effective (there are plenty of times when audio just won't get you into state), and if there are issues with becoming immune to the stimulus, I haven't heard about it yet.
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