Bulletproof Co-car-nut Cheddar Cheese

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This is is about 2/3rds coconut, 1/6th butter, 1/6th carrot. Or at least I think. Before you grind dried coconut down, an 8oz bag is like 3.75 cups, Afterwards I think it shrinks down by half...So it might be 1/2 coconut, 1/4 butter, 1/4th carrot.


8oz bag dried coconut, mycotoxins? Don't care.
4oz butter...I use sea salted minerva dairy pastured butter.
About a half cup of drained canned carrots...I know...not bulletproof...histamines...whatever. It's bpa free and sea salt at least. You can boil fresh carrots yourself and get the same result, but it will take longer.
1.25tsp sea salt
1tsp ground mustard
big dashes of tumeric...didn't measure
splashes of apple cider vinegar...didn't measure. I think it was about an oz worth

Heat the carrots at like 320F for a bit...possibly removing some liquid. It might even help evaporate liquid if the carrots were heated with the butter, but I didn't do that. I put butter cold from the fridge in the hot carrots because I want to cool it down a little bit because my piece of shit processor is plastic and I want to minimize leeching. Put the dried coconut in a food processor and grind it down into as fine of a powder as you can...or your blender if your blender can do it.(mine can't) If you have a really nice food processor, you'd take it further and actually cream the coconut. Put in the salt and spices and blend it. I put it in a silicone bread pan which filled like...1/3rd tall, and when it got super solid in the fridge, I split the blocks into 3rds so they are mostly cheese slice sized squares and I made slices with a mandolin and cut my thumb bad. When my dumbass decided to use a fork to guide the blocks through, it cut way easier and more uniform.

I'm pretty happy with it, but I think it might need more salt and more ground mustard. That cheddarish flavor is there, but it's not as strong as I'd like. That said, it was still fucking delicious in a taco salad. Yes... I made cheese slices, and my first use was something better suited for grating over the food.

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