Coconut concentrate/Beef Tallow Chocolate

Yes, I'm a fucking weirdo. But hear me out. Beef Tallow has a similar melting point to Cocoa Butter, but it's much cheaper if you get admittedly less bulletproof non-pastured beef suet and render it out yourself. I subscribe more to the perfect health diet ideology...which is more relaxed in some regards...but I will still never use a microwave. According to PHD, grassfed meat is only truly important if you're getting liver.

Here's the ratios...

8oz tub of cocoa ass great value brand.
7oz lets do organic creamed coconut's encased in plastic, but is most of our meat, so whatever.
2oz beef tallow ...normally it would be equal portions powder/fat, but coconut concentrate isn't a pure fat so you need that extra.

I heat the coconut and 2oz of beef tallow in a measuring cup till it's fully liquid at about 200F. The cocoa powder is already transferred to a silicone bread pan. When the measuring cup has cooled enough to be able to touch it, I pour it into the powder and mix it all evenly with a silicone cake spatula in the bread pan. Then I put it in the freezer. Later on, I split it divide it by 8 and wrap it in wax paper with foil on the outside.

It keeps its form almost as well as standard chocolate with cocoa butter, but it will be the consistency of a slightly harder tar if you got the wrapped chocolate in your pocket for a good half of a work day. No matter, with how it's wrapped, it doesn't make a mess.

It's pretty delicious. I never really use any sweetener and I like 100% cocoa chocolate...but using this concentrated coconut really makes it noticeably sweeter to me.

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