High calorie intake in order to get enough protein and proper % breakdowns (between macros).

Hi! I am a 29 year old female (and a fairly fit 165lbs) who's been in the BP arena for awhile now. I have recently gotten more serious about keto and would like to drop ~10lbs. I am averaging between 30g and 50g net carbs per day (depending on wkouts, etc). However, I am trying to target about 115g protein (even higher if I can). But I am finding the calories I am consuming a bit outrageous when I target a macro balance of ~60% fat, ~20% carbs and ~25% protein (just approx. - I know the math doesn't add up).

For instance, last week I ate an average of ~3100 calories a day. I lift a bit during the week and do mild cardio, but this seems a bit much? I eat completely clean and averaged ~40g carbs/day, ~260g of fat/day and my protein was at ~110g/day. This is an average breakdown of 10% carbs, 27% protein, and 63% fat. I am happy with these targets/results and have not appeared to gain weight or anything, but I am just curious if anyone has experience with this when trying to target such a high protein range? Or if anyone has any thoughts on whether this is alright? Trust me, I have no problem eating this much :) But it just seems excessive/unnecessary?


  • Thanks @Jason Miller. This does make sense... but how would you recommend getting that additional protein? More meat (which would include more fat, although I could try to limit the fat in other areas)? I use BP collagen powder and a whey protein everyday, plus bars and such on occasion. But I hate to add anymore non-food sources. Also, any concerns about the calorie counts?

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